Sunday, June 01, 2008

Do It Yourself- Installing Memory Modules

The motherboard's DIMM slots have been color coded for easy dual-channel configuration. However, do note that motherboard manufacturers have different color coding schemes. Some boards have DIMM colors assigned to each memory channel while others color coded the DIMMs in dual channel memory pairs. Gigabyte chose the latter color coding scheme. As such, you should install your pair of identical memory modules in the same colored DIMM to enable the higher speed dual-channel memory configuration.

Unique only to the Gigabyte GA-8GPNXP Duo motherboard, you'll find support for both types of memory, DDR400 and DDR2-533. You can choose to install either one of the memory type, but you CANNOT mix both memory types. In this guide, we'll show you how to install the newer DDR2-533 memory. Since there are only two DIMM slots for DDR2, the process is pretty straightforward. However, before you proceed, always check the manual to see the different types of memory configuration schemes you can use. Or, you can follow the guidelines below :-

Memory Installation for Dual-Channel Operation

DDR1 (orange) DDR2 (purple) DDR3 (orange) DDR4 (purple) DDRII_1 (yellow) DDRII_2 (yellow)
2 Memory Modules DS/SS X DS/SS X X X
4 Memory Modules DS/SS DS/SS DS/SS DS/SS X X
DS = Double-sided module ; SS = Single-sided module ; X = Not installed

To further ensure that you have the best memory compatibility and stability, follow these rules :-

  • Your memory pairs should have similar capacity, speed, brand and model. Ideally, purchase them together so that they contain the same batch of chips.

  • Purchase dual-channel memory kits for that added stability.

  • Ensure that the number of chips (or number of sides) on your pair of memory modules are the same.

  • Ideally, if you want to add another pair of modules, try to install identical modules (brand, speed and number of sides) as your previous pair. For this motherboard, this rule applies only to DDR400.

  • The Gigabyte GA-8GPNXP Duo comes with six DIMM slots,

  • two pairs for DDR400 and another

  • pair for DDR2-533 memory.

  • Note the different locations of the notches for DDR

  • and DDR2 modules. The yellow DIMM slots are

  • for DDR2 memory, quite obviously.

  • In this DIY guide, we recommend using Kingston's DDR2-533

  • ValueRAM modules (KVR533D2N4/512).

  • Similar to installing most memory modules, hold on to the memory module with both your hands and insert it perpendicularly into the slot as shown.

  • Always ensure that the notch on the module is aligned to the slot as shown. The notch ensures that the memory module can only be inserted in one direction. It will also prevent you from installing the DDR2 module into any of the DDR slots.

  • Once inserted, press the module down

  • until the clips on both sides are locked vertically as shown.

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