Saturday, March 21, 2009

Malaysia's 1st Prepaid Broadband has arrived


Celcom, yesterday introduce its latest broadband package, Celcom Broadband Prepaid starter kit for people who want to get online without the hassle of registration. Broadband service offered as prepaid package, is the first of its kind in Malaysia, although the prepaid concept itself is nothing new here.

Broadband Prepaid starter pack is priced at RM25 with RM20 credit. It is valid for for usage of 7 consecutive days of internet access at speeds of up to 384 Kbps. Pretty slow indeed.

It can be activated instantly without the need of any registration. However this is data only services, which means NO voice/video calls and SMS features available.

Is this the right package you? This is depend on how your internet usage is.

Are you lite internet user? Are you rarely online? Are you traveling a lot?

If the answer is yes, probably this is fine for you. But if you relied on internet for some serious related purpose, go fo other package which offer higher speed and bandwidth.

More info about broadband prepaid can be found here.

Celcom currently offers the widest broadband coverage in the country, covering 71% of the populated areas in Malaysia, with over 270,000 subscribers as at end-February.

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