Sunday, March 08, 2009

Top Five Reasons The Wii Is Better Than The PS3 & Xbox 360

the beginning we've been "meh" about it - it's just a GameCube with an advanced control scheme right, or is there more to it? Today we find ourselves finding the Wii more and more attractive, and here's our first Top Five For Friday reasons we think the Wii is better than all those other consoles on the market today.

Number Five - Warioware Smooth Moves


Wario is one of the wackiest and coolest Nintendo characters in our book. He's the ultimate capitalist and is always looking to make a buck. Besides, can you name any other games that has a nose picking event?

Number Four - Wii Controller Destroys Both TVs & Gamers

No other video game console in history that has inflicted so much carnage to humans and flat screen televisions. When played without wriststrap the Wii remote becomes a deadly weapon. We like that.

Wii Destroys LCD Television

Wii Destroys Human Eyeball

Number Three - Space Invaders Get Even


Think of the hundreds of millions of Space Invaders that have been vaporized since the game's introduction in 1978. Thirty years of carnage, and now they've had enough! Taito is releasing "Space Invaders Get Even" for the Wii and we haven't been so excited about a game announcement since Pikmin.

Number Two - "The Wii-gasm"

Wii-gasm: (noun) A heightened state of extreme excitement reached while playing the Nintendo Wii. No kidding! This video is safe for work but check your volume level before starting playback!

The Wii-gasm (SFW)

Number One - Wii Fit

Detailed explaination not necessary. Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit When it comes to destruction, hilarity, and beauty in motion the Wii's got the PS3 and the 360 beat hands down.

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