Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu - Don’t Eat Pork Meat or You Are Pig Too

Swine or pig (glamorous name) is the dirtiest animal on earth. Even the dirtiest animal still can be cooked and eat by the smart people (they think they are smart).

Mathematics equation: a=b, b=c then a=c –> replace a with pork meat, dirty with b, human who eat pork meat with c.

Do you eat pork? You are stupid if you eat pork meat. A lot of other nicer meat than pork. Why must pig? I even heard people eating pig’s blood. Gross.

Swine Flu a.k.a Swine Influenza

Swine flu can stir the world economy. World are currently hurt by the inflation, recession and war. If you still remember the bird flu epidemic, a lot of people dead including the profesional adult. Doctor is inclusive. It is because doctor are expose to the bacteria more than us.

Terminology of Swine Flu

According to wiki, swine flu can be interpret as:

Swine influenza (also swine flu) refers to influenza caused by any strain of the influenza virus that is endemic in pigs (swine).

Pig and politics is equal according to the equation stated above even though pig born with the nice pink color. I still remember the schooling days when the blue color van came every after lunch and dinner to grab rubbish to feed pigs and tonne of pigs.

Pigs eat rubbish. Bribery equal to rubbish. Politicians eat rubbish. Am I correct? I feel so tired and can’t focus on the topics that I should write, swine/pig flu.

Symptom of Pig/Swine Flu

swine flu symptom

If you think that you eat or sit beside people who eat pork meat, then please verify the symptom. Have you eat from the bribery money before? Then you must encounter the symptom above.

-Talk about bribery, do you know where to buy the driving license in Malaysia? Ask the e-government service provider, MyEg or KOMMS or MySpeed. They will know the answer.

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Anonymous said...

i dont think i'm stupid enough though i eat pork meat.....The person who did't eat pork meat, not seems clever too....