Friday, May 29, 2009

The end of other side and start others

Today,my last day at deserted Island-Labuan.I hope after this day never comeback here.Using Megalab computer to access to internet,checking e-mail that already accumulated.I hope this megalab can be improve, why I said that?, because this computer is restricted the user to install(maybe ok lah) but if the computer itself not have software that required by the student like zip software, it difficult to me to use Megalab computer, it like using a KING that not have a POWER.It waste a UMS money to pay to provider but the computer can't be used 100 percent.For me It OK if the instlallation not be allowed, but please Install all the software that required by almost user and the software that should have inside the computer.UMS Labuan always wasted money on this particular, open a new computer lab and closed others.

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