Saturday, January 09, 2010

Using Dreamweaver to Upload Your Site

Using Adobe Dreamweaver to Upload Your Web Site
This article briefly describes how to use Adobe Dreamweaver to connect
to your Web server and upload your Web site.
Adobe Dreamweaver is a complete Web site development tool. Not only can you use
Dreamweaver to create Web pages, you can also create “sites” that enable you to transfer
files between your computer and your hosting account.
Visit http://www.adobe.com for more information about Dreamweaver.

Getting Your FTP Settings:
You will need to have your FTP settings on hand to use Dreamweaver to upload your Web
site. This is the FTP information you will need to use Dreamweaver:

FTP User Name
This is the user name for your hosting account.

FTP Password
This is your password for your hosting account.

Web Site URL


Start Directory
Leave the box blank or enter a single forward slash ( / ).

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