Thursday, February 24, 2011


Background: Client has two nearly identical websites to promote her business. I was hired to update the sites and make them look more "modern." So I redesign both sites, test them out and upload them to the client's server, as per her instructions. Two days later I get this panicked phone call: 

Client: "What did you do to my websites?" 
Me: "I updated them according to your instructions, why?"
Client: "Because they're all messed up now." 
Me: (opening browser and viewing the sites) "What's messed up about them? They look fine to me." 
Client: "The pages are too wide." 
Me: "Hmmm.....they look fine to me here, and I tested all the way down to 800 x 600 resolution."
Client: "I don't know about that. The pages run off the page. They're too wide and the words run off the edge."
Me: "Maybe it's your monitor settings?" 
Client: "Monitor settings?"
Me: "Uh-huh. Do you know how to change them?" 
Client: "I'm not using a monitor." 
Me: (utterly baffled now) "Then how are you seeing the website?"
Client: "A friend printed the pages for me." 
Me: "Printed them? On paper? You're not viewing the sites online?"
Client: "No, I dont'have a computer." 
Me: (wishing I could reach through the phone lines and strangle her) "Well, trust me, it looks great online. Maybe you should go to your friend's house and look at the sites on his computer." 
Client: "I'll do that. And I'll call you back and tell you what's wrong." 
Me: Okay, then..." 

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