Friday, July 29, 2011

C.Smell-NEW Car Air Freshener

Our NEW Car Air Freshener

1. Smell is much stronger that the cardboard version(Christmas tree) as this is fixed on the aircond vent and the smell spreads out more effectively and faster!
2. More attractive colour schemes that can match interiors of any vehicles.
3. Baby/Kids friendly as the product is made of ABS PP material which is not harmful and the smell is in terms of seeds(coffee bean kind of seeds). Thus, this cannot leak and its not in liquid form so its very safe upon usage.

For you info, we can provide 3 types of packaging :-

1. Self Adhesive Poly bag
2. Paper Box
3. Blister Pack (more suitable for Retail)

Please note that we can print full colour application on front, and the body can be dyed to any pantone colour given. Also, u can decide to mix the body colours to various colours.

Please advise if you would like to see some physical samples and discuss more on this product.

contact :
Azmah Adveetising sdn bhd
T: +603-7728 1361
E : aasbworks@yahoo.com.my

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