Friday, November 22, 2013

DIGI: Buddyz Never Apart Thanks to DiGi Easy Prepaid!

DEP-Refresh_Poster-Eng-FA_V12_20131003-e1385006106639Who says it’s difficult to stay never apart with your buddyz for free? You just haven’t try out DiGi Easy Prepaid!
With DiGi Easy Prepaid, you get to call, SMS and surf the web for free. Wanna organise a lepak session at the nearest mamak? Just give your buddyz a call. Missing your BFF? Give them a text! Wanna share that new viral video about the fox with your friends? Mobile internet is your best friend!
What’s even better, is you can register up to 3buddyz, so you can call and text them for free, every day! It gets better if you subscribe to any monthly Mobile Internet packages – you’ll get 2 EXTRA BUDDYZ on top of the existing 3, for 5Buddyzaltogether! Got loads of news to share? Now, you don’t have to worry ‘cause it won’t cost you a thing.
What’s the icing on top of the cake you ask?! Well nothing much, just some UNLIMITED INTERNET at only RM18/month.  Now talk about having worry-free Internet –you can now go online without having to keep track of your data usage. Just how awesome would that feel! *squeals in excitement*
Now’s the time to sign up, because if you activate your new SIM card now, you’ll get 2 days of FREEinternet! Cyber freedom FTW.
For more information, hop on over to this website.

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